Its March and its our Speciality Hot Chocolate Month! All through March as well as our usual signature hot chocolates we are doing special flavours! We are going to be doing several different flavours.

speciality hot chocolate

hot chocolate

Here is what available for our speciality hot chocolate month

The first one is chocolate orange. As usual we will be using are delicious Belgian chocolate and orange. Many people have already told me they love chocolate orange so I’m sure this will go down very well.

The next one is mint chocolate. This is another popular flavour with our chocolates so I’m sure you will love it.

Another flavour is going to be white chocolate. We are going to be using our Belgian chocolate for this one and also there will be hand made raspberry marshmallows to go on top!

Caramel and Speculoos crunch is another hot chocolate we will be doing. This is defiantly going to be a popular choice. Made with a milk chocolate caramel Belgian chocolate.

The last one is going to be cinnamon. This can be with milk chocolate or dark chocolate. All of our hot chocolates will be made with our Belgian chocolate and are definitely a good way to warm up and treat yourself!

At the end of March it will be the shops 2nd Birthday. Keep an eye on our website and blog for more information. Then in April we have Easter to look forward to!

We are currently working on some new flavours for our chocolates. There is a new Dulce de leche filled milk chocolate which is absolutely delicious and a milk chocolate coffee chocolate which we have named Mocha. The coffee we use is the same coffee in our cafe. Its a fair trade Colombian coffee from local business Harries Coffee.