I don’t want to alarm you, but it’s only a few more days until you run out of time for getting all those Christmas gifts for the people you’ve been putting to the back of your mind…you know the ones…those members of your family who aren’t in your face reminding you of what they want/need/hanker after; the people at work who you KNOW will buy YOU something…because they always do…

 The great news is that there’s still time to get them something that they’re going to love and that won’t break the bank.

 We’re talking chocolates here…but not just any old chocolates!

 REAL chocolates!

 Handmade chocolates in a fantastic range of flavours and textures.

 Luxurious dark shells filled with a liquid, salted caramel filling that will have them reaching for another before the first one has left the building;

Dark chocolate salted caramels

 Layer upon layer of beautifully smooth chocolate ganache and hazelnut praline that melt in the mouth;

 Truffles with a rich flavour that lingers long after the chocolate has gone;

 Real fruit fillings that tantalise the tastebuds;

 Here at Lucy Armstrong Chocolates we make seriously grown-up chocolates for the real aficionado, and we make chocolates for people who love the milk and white kind; our mission is to ensure that whoever you are buying for will find something to suit their palates, and we do this without sacrificing quality or standards; our milk chocolates are made with exactly the same loving care as our dark selection. We even have milk chocolate Christmas lollies and other novelty items for children…no matter what their ages!

 So don’t be alarmed. Just pop into our shop and cafe on Shore Road, East Wittering, or have a look at our online shop: gourmet-chocolates.co.uk/shop and we’ll get your Christmas gifts made up and dispatched pronto.