Salted Caramels by Lucy Armstrong

“Ticking off the holy trinity of sugar, salt and fat – salted caramels are the class A drug of the confectionery world” is how Nigella Lawson describes this incredible confectionery and who are we to disagree!  Our very own Salted Caramel chocolate won a Great Taste Award in 2013 which is no mean feat considering that there are 405 judges judging over 50 days!

The union of salt and sweet has been appreciated for a long time but now it is recognised that salt enhances and balances the flavour when it is included in sweet produce.  Our award winning Salted Caramels are available in bags of 6 or boxes of 12 or 24 chocolates have a luxurious salty caramel inside a rich, dark chocolate exterior.  A taste sensation you will not want to miss!

Award Winning Salted Caramels - Handmade Chocolates by Lucy Armstrong